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Weekly blog Aug 30- Sept 5th

Posted by [email protected] on September 5, 2015 at 2:35 PM




Took the day off from campaigning and caught up on some yard work and spent time with the family.








Met with a few business along 6th street about some issues they were having in town.


Did a tour of the WRCRA treatment plant and learned about the treatment process as well as the $72 million dollar expansion project going on. All spent time discussing the recycled water status with Jeffery Sims, Asst. General Mgr. / COO of the WMWD. I am working on getting him to attend a Norco Town Hall meeting and give residents an update as well.


Delivered more yard signs.






Went out and visited a few hundred homes off Corona Ave. Was great meeting some that had just moved into Norco and getting their feedback. Amazing how many residents are actually around in the morning during the week.


Met with the Norco Sheriffs Dept to discuss our homeless / panhandling issues and possible solutions. Also discussed the parking issues at Norco schools during drop off and pick up times. CNUSD, school principals and Sheriffs Dept are looking at how to remedy the problem which seems to stem from no school busing of the children to the schools.


Then met with Director Petree to discuss some LMD maintenance issues.






Was able to go to the fairgrounds around 2 pm and setup my campaign booth for the Norco Fair? Then attended City Council meeting, rather short meeting but interesting. Residents showed up to express their concerns about the upcoming El Nino rains and the flooding around Crestview. I am glad the City is taking this serious and this should have been addressed months ago in my opinion after the City met with the County about the issue. Hopefully proactive measures will keep the residents safe.






Follow up meeting with business owner on 6th street about their issues with the City


Opening night of the Norco Fair. Response at the booth was great. Opening ceremonies were a lot of fun and great to see the kids having a good time.






Delivered yard signs and hang some banners along 6th street


Day 2 of the Norco Fair. Extremely grateful for the amount of support and feedback I received from residents. I hope by meeting me in person and having them ask me the questions that matter the most assures them I am the right guy for the job.


Had some family friends come in and support my campaign by lettering their riding lawn mowers and racing. I am blessed to have such good friends.


One resident really stood out amongst the others during my night. Little boy about 8 years old. He was walking with his mom and passed by my booth as I was talking to some other residents. He kept eyeballing me and I could tell he wanted to come talk to me. I excused myself from the other residents and walked towards him as his mom encouraged him to come talk to me. He put his hand out to shake mine and said "please keep our horses", I smiled and assured him I would do by best by saying "you bet little buddy". He smiled and walked back to his mom. I love the passion of the kids and residents of Norco.






 Did yard work and getting ready for the day 3 of the Norco Fair- what an evening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Well over 100 residents visited my booth and took the time to ask questions, share their concerns and sign up for yard signs. Several actually had some very specific questions on how I was planning on handling permitting process, ADA compliance, Economic Development, Code Enforcement , Point of Sale merchants and  infrastructure funding. I felt I was only able to not answer two questions thoroughly but am doing research on the topics and will get back to them with an answer. Met many longtime residents as well as some that have only been in Norco a few months. Looking forward to two more days at the Rodeo and meeting more residents. I am grateful that so many are taking the time to stop and talk. Thank you. 


Weekly blog Aug 23-29

Posted by [email protected] on August 29, 2015 at 4:35 PM



Was able to spend the morning with my family before heading out to the Rodeo. Headed up around 3 pm to man my booth for the last night of the event. Still had a great turnout and was honored that residents would take the time to stop and share their concerns with me.






Attended a meet and greet event at the Water Wheel in Norco. This event was put on by keeping Norco Rural Political Action Committee. I was have to attend and speak as I would with any organization that asked me too. This was not a fundraiser event for me as I am not accepting any donations for my campaign. The committee was able to line up 4 bands that played throughout the evening and although it was lout I was still able to meet quite a few residents and discuss issues.






Attended Norco EDAC committee meeting and listened to updates. We still have a long ways to go but I am glad to hear there is progress towards sending out members with collateral to conventions to entice businesses to come look at Norco. There were some updates on Silverlakes and its soft opening mid-September. Later in the day I ran around town after work handing out yard signs and meeting up with residents.






Worked all day and then dropped by Norco High to drop off a donation for their electronic recycling event.






Handed out more yard signs after work then met with a resident to discuss his needs with Norconians Helping Norconians on a yard clean up. As we get older these large lots get harder and harder to take care of. Love having space but it can get away from us. Glad the group of volunteers are always ready to lend a helping hand.






Unfortunately received some bad news that a family friend and mentor Jim Hayes had been hurt and was at Riverside Community in ICU. Prognosis was not good so I dropped everything to go spend time with the family and pray for his recovery. Jim is one person I really looked up to. He was a Navy Seal, Buena Park police officer and just and all around great person. My run for City Council was pushed by him every time we met up.


Came home and just spent time reflecting on life, family, goals and just how fragile our time on earth really is.




Spent the morning walking the bluffs of Norco. Visited a few hundred homes and got a chance to speak with residents and listen to their concerns. Rest of the afternoon is going to be spent on prepping my campaign materials for the upcoming Norco Fair. I am really looking forward to another great event and a chance to speak with so many more residents.


Weekly blog Aug 16-22 nd

Posted by [email protected] on August 23, 2015 at 11:30 AM



Spent time meeting with residents and discussing a long lost trail easement from Foxtail to Silver Spur that would help with circulation of our trails. Seemed to be an encroachment issue that blocked the trail and giving riders no other option but to turn around and go back from where they came from. So I discussed the issue, learned what created the issue and contacted City staff on what it would take to remedy the issue. Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing with my family.





Had a meeting with City Staff on trail maintenance issues. Drove around and visited several streets and showed him issues first hand. We discussed the cause and effects. We discussed the needs to address and hold Valley Crest to a higher standard. Residents are paying for services and we need to ensure those services are being performed and ensure there is some sort of quality control as well as monitoring of the services.





Visited with some residents on the bluff side of Norco. Discussed their concerns on trails, water main breaks and safety. Drove around later in the afternoon delivering yard signs. I am grateful for the support of Norco voters.





Attended the City Council meeting.  I addressed the need for the City to be proactive as scientist are predicting a "Godzilla El Nino" rain season. We all know some areas of Norco are susceptible to flooding, mud slides. I asked that the City consider getting K rails put in place as well as making sand bags available for those wanting to prepare if the City has not already done so.


The hottest topic on the Agenda was the lease agreement being proposed on the 8 acre parcel next to the Silverlakes complex that was used as a riding stables in past by the Price family. Several residents stood up and requested that the City re-think the lease agreement, look at short term lease instead of a 30 year lease, look at the option of a riding stable that would give visitors the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding as well as a park, concerns about what the developer would do in the future with the lot. City Council ended up voting 3 voted yes (Bash, Azevedo, Hanna) -2 voted no (Newton and Higgins). I personally did not agree with the long term lease and would have rather seen a short term lease that would allow us to find out if there were more financial benefits once the complex was up and running. Now we will receive $26,000 a year with an 8% increase 6th year, 16th year and 26th and 31st year of the lease.


A resident and local contractor and home owner also addressed Council with an issue with the Cities permitting process and contractual services with RKA plan checker. Clearly our permitting, plan checking process needs to be addressed. There are just too many residents and business owners stating how bad the experiences have been and many state that Contractors just refuse to do work in Norco due to how difficult the process at City Hall is.





Met with Parks and Rec Director, Staff and a promoter to bring in a new event to Norco that would bring much needed stimulus to the local economy. Details are being ironed out and hope to see the event added to the calendar. Stay tuned.


Met with Public Works director on the lost trail issue. Staff will review maps, visit the site and then send notice to the homeowner that created the issue to remedy the issue allowing riders to have better circulation to ride.


Met with City Planning division on illegal building as brought forward by residents. City will be addressing the issue along with Code Enforcement.


Spent the rest of the afternoon preparing my booth for the Norco rodeo.





Setup my booth at the George Ingalls Event Center for the Norco Posse PRCA Rodeo. Enjoyed meeting with residents, discussing their concerns. Clearly many residents are not happy with the direction that the City is headed and looking for leadership to protect the equestrian lifestyle, safety of residents, quality of our parks for youth sports and more recreational options for Norco's youth.



Spent time cleaning up a trail issue that was posted on a Facebook forum.

Was able to support our local Troop 33 car wash and local youth sports group fundraiser.

Then headed to my booth at the Rodeo. Another very good evening meeting with residents and listening to their concerns. Several shared ideas on how to bring in revenue that could help sustain the lifestyle they have enjoyed for 20-30 years. Others expressed their concerns and dislikes with the direction Norco has gone and vowed that their days in Norco are numbered as they are considering moving somewhere else. Saddens me to hear longtime residents to say how much they love Norco but it's just not what it used to be and know that it will never be what is was again. I do not want to see residents pack up and leave but understand their frustration as I considered it myself but instead decided to fight to make it better. With their help as a community we can make Norco a place where people want to move to, raise generations and be proud to say they are "Norconian's", remember "We Are Norco". I am extremely grateful that residents took the time to stop and talk with me and show their support. 



Weekly Blog August 9-15

Posted by [email protected] on August 14, 2015 at 8:30 PM


Sunday--Started the morning off taking the wife to the airport at 4 am for her trip to Florida. Then spent the day hoofing it through the LMD 2 neighborhood, hanging door hangers and meeting residents. Got to take a good look at the trail and landscaping in that area since they just went through a Prop 218 hearing for an assessment increase and the residents voted it down. Will be interesting to see what services the City decide to cut to bring the LMD into budget. Later on I delivered some yard signs to residents.




Monday-- Spent the entire day working at home and catching up on my to do list. Things can get away from you if you let them.


Tuesday--Spent the early part of the Day going through the South side of LMD 4 hanging door hangers and meeting with residents. It's good to be able to walk every single street and trail and really get an idea of the level of service that Valley Crest is providing. Had several discussions with residents on issues with our Building Dept as well as the fee's residents are paying and what they are getting for that service. Several felt the residents’ concerns are not being addressed or that their input is even wanted if they do not own a horse. Sad to hear that as our leadership is there to represent everyone. I gave out some contact information and offered to lend a hand on any issues I could help with. Several requested yard signs which I was happy to oblige. Later that afternoon met up with my NART (Norco Animal Rescue Team) in Eastvale for the National Night Out and we setup a display with our practice horse as well as and information booth. It was very well received by all. Well done team, way to represent Norco.




Wednesday--Met with several residents of LMD 2 and listened to their concerns and shared information with them, great to see residents wanting to get involved and asking questions. Delivered some yard signs to supporters. Then I attended the Planning Commission meeting that evening. Want to keep up on how the Commission is addressing accessory bldgs., unmanned wireless telecommunication towers, Zone code amendment to allow Animal Keeping in R-1 (residential single family homes) that originally were not zoned for animal keeping. Recommendations are being sent to Council for their consideration.




Thursday--Was hearing some grumbling about a name change being proposed at the CNSUD (Corona Norco Unified School District) so I looked it up and found there were several exploratory / informational meetings later in the afternoon. I decided to go hear about this myself and was the only resident in attendance. That was still ok I got to ask all the questions I had and came back home to encourage others to attend the meetings and share the information I was provided. Our kids’ education are top priority and those having the tools they need to be successful come before any name change. I encourage others to provide input to the CNSUD and let them know how you feel. Decision will be made next month.






Friday-- Walked some more of LMD 4 and checked out some trail complaints by residents on their drainage. I notified the City and will be going out with staff on Monday morning to go over these issues in person. Was able to catch up with emails from residents and welcome my wife home from her long trip. Little time to relax and stay out of the heat.




Saturday--Will be hitting the streets and meeting with residents....keep an eye out I may be visiting your neighborhood.


Weekly Blog Aug 2 - 8

Posted by [email protected] on August 9, 2015 at 9:15 AM




Spent Sunday canvasing Norco and speaking with residents in LMD 4 about their issues, concerns and ideas. I shared with my my goals and intentions with them. Went around and handed out some campaign yard signs, I am grateful for the support by residents. You should be seeing them around town by now.






Attended the Streets Trails and Utilities Commission meeting on Monday. Two new commissioners sworn in and very grateful to see them step up and help make a difference. Some good discussion on trail maintenance, Adopt A Trail program and other issues regarding Norco's trail system. Looking forward to more discussion on the Adopt A Trail program.






Had NART training on Tuesday. Excellent night of training and no discussion about the campaign or candidates even though three of us work together on the team. Glad to see the focus on training only.






Attended City Council meeting Wednesday night. . City Council had a another full Agenda and I did not feel the need to speak on every issue. Was great to see Highland elementary teacher Melanie Oliver receive a proclamation for her acheivement as Teacher of the Year.                      

As Council addressed items on the consent calaendar I did addressed our Permitting and Inspection process and contracts with Willdan and RKA. Our permitting, inspection and plan checking system is broken and needs to be corrected.


Approval was given to pay the contractor J&S striping $26,000 over what was budget for the striping work they did. Mistake by Staff for not keeping track and knowing how much was being charged until the end of the job. This mistake will be paid for by residents and staff should be held accountable as well as valuable lesson learned as "this is how we have always done it" is not acceptable. Was interesting to watch the Prop 218 hearing for LMD 2 and listen to the residents in that LMD express their concerns. The increase in their LMD fess from $600 to $1000 was voted down. Will be interesting to see what services are cut and how the City handles the deficit that has been picked up in the past by the General Fund.


Waste Mgmt contract  CIP increase of 1.3%  as per the contract was approved although several Council members agreed that Waste Mgmt has not presented a solution that fits Norco's needs for maunure to energy. If Viramontes closes and Norco has not come up with a solution to deal with its manure the hauling of the manure to a further location could make it cost prohibitive for those wishing to own horses.


Council had some discussion on the Cities General Fee schedule which led into discussion of annual inspections of those with CUP's (conditional use permits) and how the inspections are or are not done. Right now a letter is sent to homeowner and the honor system is used...sure we all know that will work...unfortunately staff said they do not have time to go inspect these properties in person. This also has to change, another reason why the system gets abused.






Spent the later part of Thursday afternoon canvasing and meeting with residents discussing issues with trails, fireworks and LMD contracts also delivered more yard signs to residents. 






Wife and I had dinner with Norco friends and got to hear lots of interesting Norco stories and ideas for the future. Did more research on Econoomc Developement and ideas to generate revenue in the City that do nto include taxation. 






Saturday morning met up with our volunteer group Norconian's helong Norconian's and did a clean up on a 2.5 acre parcel of a long time Norconian senior citizen's property. It's a blessing to have land but as we get older it gets harder and harder to maintain. I am grateful for the volunteers of Norco and the ability to reach out and help our Seniors have a better quality of life.                                                                                       Later on in the evening my wife and I took our dogs to the American Cancer Society Bark for Life at Pikes Peak. What a great event and glad to see such a good turnout.

Weekly blog July 27th-Aug 1

Posted by [email protected] on August 2, 2015 at 10:10 AM


As we progress towards Election Day it is interesting to really listen and hear what residents feel are some of the biggest issues facing Norco.




Sunday -- took the day off to enjoy time with the family and just recharge my batteries.




Monday-- Attended the Town Hall meeting hosted by RURAL at Nellie Weaver Hall. There were approx. 75 residents in attendance. Informative updates from Mayor Higgins, Senator Richard Roth's office, City's Water and Sewer Consultant Bill Thompson , Western Municipal Water District presentation on water conservation measures, City staff on the signup and use of the Cities water portal, Code Enforcement update and status from Director Steve King. Several residents asked some excellent questions and got the answers for the most part that they were looking for. I highly encourage others to attend these meetings and ask questions, get accurate information and not hearsay. Stay tuned for upcoming Town Hall dates.




Tuesday--I attended the EDAC (Economic Development Advisory Council) meeting. Listened to the Committees discussion on a possible retail district between Hamner Ave and Old Hamner off of 6th street, as well as if property owners wanted to sell their current properties, City owned land and rezoning need I shared a few ideas I had with the Committee. I can see an amazing shopping, dining and possibly small hotel district there. Yes it would be a challenge and locating a developer / funding would also be a challenge but I feel this is a great opportunity if it were to move forward. This would have been a great use of RDA funds in my opinion. We want to capitalize and capture tourism money from Silverlakes, well you create something that Eastvale doesn't have and give the tourist a real unique experience Attached are some pics of other retail districts to get an idea of what I am thinking. I hope if it moves forward that much consideration is given to the design and infrastructure. Diana McGrew was also contracted to sell advertisement on the new 6th street digital sign. This will take place of the banners that normally span across 6th street. Gabriel Martin was welcomed as a new member of the EDAC committee. Below is the like to their agendas.

Also met with a Promoter to discuss bringing in a new event to town that will bring more stimulus money to our local economy. Stay tuned for further details as we meet with the City next. 




Wednesday--Attended a meeting of Concerned Citizens Helping Norco. This grass roots group was organized to listen and discuss ideas and needs for Norco's future infrastructure needs.


Herb Higgins spoke as a candidate and not as the Mayor for a few hours and residents were allowed to ask him questions. Below are the links to the videos. I asked him to please respond to my question that I asked several times before on Facebook as to why he would make a statement and if he had ideas why hasn't he brought them forward to Council? You can hear his response "I will now" and based upon the votes by Council on Sales Tax made him decide then and there to run for re-election. Mr Higgins post on Facebook “Anyone running for council need to look at other issues and not get lost in a dead issue. Tell me how you plan on fixing roads, parks, buildings, HAMNER Bridge, and maintaining horse trails which is the backbone of Norco without raising my taxes. I KNOW HOW but I have 5 months left and not running and raising taxes isn't one of them. Now get on with something a lot more pressing today because all of the city accounts for CIP Capital Improvement Projects are zero or will be in 18 months with nowhere to get future monies. Also don't tell me you don't know because you haven't been on council and don't know where all the money comes from so you don't have an answer. You say that and you shouldn't be elected". There was interesting / revealing information as to the misuse / illegal use of RDA funds as stated my Mr Higgins (not sure if the City could be held accountable by the State Controllers Office for the misuse of these funds as stated by Mr Higgins or not), he shared his ideas to close some parks and turn them into housing and commercial development, turn over Ingalls park to a property mgmt. / event mgmt. company, bring the banner program and corporation or other entity purchase / lease the right to name a facility or event to help pay for the deficit at Ingalls which right now is estimated to recovery 56% of operating cost, cut staff and benefits, contract cost with Sheriffs and Fire need to be looked at, term limits and no lifetime benefits for Council. My thought is incumbents had their chance to fulfill their campaign promises. I have attended 6 years’ worth of Council meetings as well as the ADHOC meetings. I do not remember seeing these items agenized for discussion and votes. I refuse to re-elect any incumbent and give them another 4 years, which will make some eligible for lifetime benefits. I do not agree with tearing down parks to put in my more housing. I do believe in term limits and cutting lifetime benefits, I do believe in contracting / outsourcing if there are savings to be made without jeopardizing quality of life for residents.                                                                                                                                           part 1                                                                                                                                                               part 2




Thursday--Sat down with a few business owners and discussed their issues with Norco's permitting / licensing process. Seems to be a major failure in the process that have to be addressed. These are common complaints that can be fixed.




Friday--Received my campaign signs and other promotional materials. Prepped them for distribution for residents.




Saturday--Spent 5 1/2 hours driving around Norco handing out my campaign signs and meeting with residents. I was honored to be able to take a small tour of the Leaps and Bounds Therapeutic Riding facility. Meeting with Sharon Smith and Cassandra Holly and learning about their program as well as some issues they have gone through with the City that also have to be addressed. What an amazing organization and facility.




Sunday--Will spend the morning handing out more campaign signs and going door to door meeting residents and encouraging them to understand the issues Norco faces and vote.


Week in review

Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2015 at 12:25 AM



So I decided not to bore you all on a daily basis but a weekly review of the going on's as we head towards the election date for Norco City Council 2015.

Monday--met with Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Stables to see their facility and learn what their program is all about. Got to meet their staff and unfortunately had to be there as Doc Williams visited a sick draft horse on the property that ultimately had to be put down. Later on in the evening I worked on competing my candidate binder. Lots of forms and paperwork to be done to qualify as a candidate.

Tuesday--Turned in my paperwork to the City and had a NART meeting with Cal Fire. Informative meeting on the Incident Command and the process. As we head deeper into fire season I pray that NART is not needed to evacuate or rescue any animals but we will be ready.

Wednesday-- Was proud to support and attend a luncheon for the Special Olympics World Games at NDR Therapeutic Riding Stables in Norco. Was lucky enough to be able to watch some of the athletes practice, meet many of them as well as the NDR staff. Another great organization.

Thursday --took a drive out to the County Registrars office in Fullerton to get voter registration forms. Part of the process when I canvas Norco meeting residents will be to encourage them to vote and supply them with the necessary forms and information if they are not registered. Also received a call from the Norco City Clerk’s office informing me that my nomination signatures had been verified and I was officially a candidate for Norco City Council.

Friday--Did some homework. I have been told more than once that the reason Norco has so many vacancies was due to the higher rates in Norco and that property owners were not willing to lower their rates. So with a quick comparison of Norco , East vale (which there were no vacancies) and Corona my findings were that Norco sqft rates for office space is less expensive than Corona and slightly higher for sqft rate for retail. Neither were available in Eastvale. We need these stores filled and sales tax generated. Now as far as vacant land values that I would still have to look into. My thoughts are that if property was listed too high it would not be cost effective for a developer to buy it without having a customer already lined up to build for. Norco has over 600 acres of vacant land for sale along the Hamner corridor that is zoned for Commercial and manufacturing. We also have 450 acres (already purchased by a developer) in the hills that is PRESERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT ZONE for commercial and transient projects. In the Norco Gateway there is 89 acres that is zoned for Commercial, Industrial and secondary use of residential as well as Church use. So there are plenty of opportunities available for developers. We have to welcome them, ensure the project fits and work with them to ensure there are no delays in permitting and inspections.

Saturday--well going to be doing more homework. It was stated that Norco has always had a CIP funding issue. Mostly due to no development is my opinion. I will be doing a study of the last 7 years of funds, balances, revenue and comparing each fund and year to come to my own conclusion. Stay tuned.



Weekends activity

Posted by [email protected] on July 19, 2015 at 2:50 PM



Friday afternoon started off by visiting with a few business owners in Norco, listened to their experience and why they almost did not open their store in Norco. They pushed through and after 8 months of dealing with the city they were able to open their doors. After that I was able to visit with neighbors informing them of my intentions to run for City Council and letting them vent on their experiences and frustrations as well. Thirty of them signed my nomination papers for Norco City Council. We have issues that have to be resolved.

Saturday I worked with our volunteer group Norconian's helping Norconian's on a lot clean up at a senior / Veterans home. Heavy lifting, cleanup, organization and hauling off junk to the dump. What an amazing group of volunteers that always step up to help at no cost to the home owner.

Sunday morning I took a drive down to Auto Mall Drive to look a 1.63 acre parcel (APN 126-120-03) that was approved on 07 /15 /15 by Council to amend the agreement with Kosmont Realty Corporation for real estate services to sell the Successor Agency Properties.

Little History on the purchase of the property:

On June 4, 2014, the Successor Agency (SA) to the former Norco Community Redevelopment Agency entered into agreement for real estate services with Kosmont Realty Corporation (KRC) for disposition of SA owned real properties through the Department of Finance (DOF) approved Due to the unimproved nature of the properties to be sold, did not accept the properties for placement and disposition through the electronic auction process.

Staff is recommending that the Successor Agency (SA) approve the first amendment to the agreement for real estate services designating KRC as the City’s broker and authorize KRC to sell the properties through the use of traditional real estate brokerage services consistent with the City’s Long-Range Property Management Plan (PMP) and the applicable provisions of AB 1484 and DOF regulations.

BACKGROUND/ANALYSIS: As part of the dissolution of redevelopment agencies in California, each Successor Agency is required to inventory all assets owned by the former Redevelopment Agency and to develop a Long-Range Property Management Plan (PMP) for the approval of the Oversight Board and the State of California Department of Finance (DOF). The PMP addressed the disposition and use of real properties of the former RDA, including whether certain properties will be sold to a third party pursuant to PMP disposition process. The Successor Agency’s PMP relative to these parcels was approved by the DOF on October 23, 2013. The Successor Agency’s PMP includes three (3) vacant land parcels which were previously approved by the SA to be sold through DOF approved electronic platform.

APNs 122-070-023 and 122-070-026 is a single parcel, 0.4-acre vacant lot located adjacent to 1695 Hidden Valley Parkway and zoned Commercial (which I believe is the empty lot next to Shell gas station. The property was acquired by the former RDA on February 21, 2001 at a cost of $65,000. The most recent appraisal on May 3, 2013 valued the parcel at $130,000. This parcel was acquired for the purpose of encouraging redevelopment.

APN 126-120-038 is a 1.63-acre vacant lot located in the Norco Auto Mall next to the former Mitsubishi dealership on Auto Mall Drive. The property was approved to be acquired by the former RDA on November 5, 2008 at a cost of $1,330,000. The most recent appraisal on May 3, 2013 valued the parcel at $780,000. The property was acquired by the former RDA for potential expansion of the Auto Mall.

Due to the unimproved nature of the properties to be sold, did not accept the properties for placement and disposition through the electronic auction process. Therefore, staff is recommending that the Successor Agency approve the attached first amendment to agreement for real estate services with KRC to sell the vacant land parcels described above using the traditional real property brokerage services. The initial agreement states that if the parcels are not sold through the auction process, Kosmont Realty Corporation will sell them using regular brokerage services. To the extent that regular brokerage service is necessary, KRC will be compensated based on an approved commission agreement.

FISCAL IMPACT: The attached agreement provides for commission of 4% of the gross sales price which will be paid upon close of escrow. All monies derived from the sale of Successor Agency owned parcels will be submitted to the County Auditor Controller for distribution to affected taxing entities which includes the City of Norco. Norco will receive some monies from the Sale from the County Auditor Controllers office.

My hope is to see these properties are cleaned up (the property on Auto Mall Drive is littered with junk and weeds), advertised, sold and developed bringing in some much needed fees / revenue to Norco.

I will continue to work on encouraging EDAC to market / advertise these properties for commercial, retail projects which will bring in the Sales Tax that is needed instead of trying to get residents to pay more taxes to make up the deficit in our Capital Improvement Funds.



Military Appreciation Luncheon / City Meeting / City Council Meeting

Posted by [email protected] on July 16, 2015 at 10:45 AM



Well yesterday was quite a long day



Started out with a great Luncheon presented by NACC to honor Veterans. Several dignitaries and two guest speakers Jonnie Griffiths from Veterans Honing Veterans and Ryan Donkersly who is doing a documentary called DOGTAGGED. Very inspiring individuals and passionate about their efforts to help Veterans.





Then I had a meeting with Patty Ireland and further discussion to bring a new Mountain Bike Racing series to the hills of Norco. The potential of stimulus to our local economy. We spoke for quite some time and examined some the details and questions to present to the promoter. Will keep you posted as I progress and if the event





The night ended with 4 hours of City Council. The agenda was packed and several items had to be continued due to lack of time.



The prop 218 hearing for raising LMD 2 fees was a big one. There were several residents that attended, waited several hours to be heard and find out the results of the vote and clearly were not happy that his item was continued when lessor important issues were kept on the agenda.



The biggest item on the Agenda was the vote the put the Sales Tax increase on this year’s election ballot, what percentage they would request 1/2 cent or 1 cent sales tax increase / General use or Specific Use. Several ADHOC committee members and residents spoke on the issue then Councils made their statements. After that City Council took a vote and voted 4-1 to not take action and let the next sitting Council take action on it in 2016. Council felt they would not have enough time to educate residents on the needs and the chances of passing it would be slim if residents did not completely understand the funding needs. By differing action now will only delay the needed revenue for future CIP funding for 20 years of $88.6 million dollars and the need to vote a Fiscal Emergency as well as cost between $17,000--$27,000 instead of $6,000- $16,000 to put it on a ballot in June 2016. So now we must work harder on other options to generate more sales tax revenue and possibly not have to raise any taxes in the future.


















Frustrating but rewarding weekend

Posted by [email protected] on July 13, 2015 at 11:25 PM

Had to deal with some maintenance or lack of maintenance issues that were happening in the LMD 4. So frustrated that is was reported to staff but staff dropped the ball and failed to handle it properly. I took it upon myself to deal with it over the weekend and notify staff to avoid the problem in the future.

But on a good note a neighbor did come out and lend a helping hand and I was able to meet with him and his wife and it turned out they were the promoters of the successful Brew & Q event Norco recently had in town. So I commended them on their efforts and for opening the doors to new events that normally would possibly not have been welcomed by residents in the past. This is putting Norco on the right road to a brighter future and is a welcome addition to the calendar of event at Ingalls Event Center.