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Weekly Campaign blog Sept 13-20

Posted by [email protected] on September 20, 2015 at 7:05 PM





Spent the morning campaigning on the West side of town in the bluffs. Met with a lot of residents and listened to their concerns of losing the trails behind their homes due to encroachments. That has to be corrected. I will be working with City Staff on retaking the trails back to allow proper circulation for riders.




Monday --


Met with Public Works to go over trail issues, get a better understanding how staff works, check out the maintenance yard and equipment and go over so preventive measures as we head into an El Nino year.






Took the day off to attend a funeral of a dear family friend James Hayes. Jim was a mentor to many including myself. Every time I ran across him we would get into to politics with me and try to convince me to run for City Council. Well I am running and I will do my best to win for Jim and make him proud.






Attended the City Council meeting. It was really sad to hear the stories told by residents of flooding and mudslides into their properties as well as their homes. I am glad to see the City taking the situation seriously and installing temporary mitigation measures to help residents deal with the El Nino storms. There will also be future discussion on how to deal with the speeding issues on Crestview.


The City Council rejected all bids for the water reservoir project. Unfortunately the correct process for bidding the job was not followed and the City received to petition letters from Contractors. I spoke on the topic as this is the 3rd issue with contracts with public works that have been reportedly done incorrectly and each time they send it out for a rebid it is costing taxpayers more money. I hope they really look at their procedures and processes for bidding and awarding contracts.






Participated in the TIGAR (The Inland Empire Gateway Association of Realtors) candidate forum. 4- of the 7 candidates showed up for the forum. I thought it went very well. Videos can be found on my candidate facebook page.


Later that evening participated in the NHA (Norco Horsemans Association) candidate forum. All 7 candidates participated but to due to the format I was unable to hear what the other candidates had to say on issues. I felt I did very well and was very happy with the questions presented to the candidates.




Took the day off form campaigning and spent time with the family.




Held my meet and greet at our home. My wife Tina really put together a good spread for visitors. Was very happy to have so many new faces as well as some longtime residents come together, ask questions and express their concerns. Very grateful for the support.






Spent the morning on the Northeast end of town. Met quite a few residents and listened to their concerns. Shared my thoughts and ideas. Many are concerned as to changes will happen if there are not enough Councilmembers that will work together to make the corrections. This is where it becomes very important for residents to really listen and ask questions and figure out who the right candidates are and what ideas they have or don't have to fix things.


The wife and I headed over to St Mel’s Church in Norco for their Small World Fair. I volunteered to sit in the dunk tank to raise funds for a good cause. Councilman Bash and I had some competitive fun trying to dunk one another. Very happy to participate.


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