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Weekly Campaign Blog Sept 21-27

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2015 at 10:50 AM



Took the day off from campaigning






Attended EDAC meeting this morning. Public Comments: I presented some information and ideas on small business development. Committee presented some updates: Subcommittees: * Silverlakes opening update and 2 weekends of events and future schedule of events * Possible upcoming events at George Ingalls Reports or Recent activity: * 6th Street Gateway sign update and discussion on graffiti (possibly be functional in 2 weeks), advertising rates and opportunities * Hamner and 6th Gateway development discussion on marketing and promoting, * Navy technology holding a Technology rodeo in Corona and committee wants to work with them on holding the event in Norco Discussion: * Update on ICSC convention and marketing materials * Silverlakes business stimulus update and survey to send to local businesses for feedback.


I am a firm believer that in order to increase revenue in our City we must bring in more businesses. We need to capture the tourism dollars from the nearby Silver lakes. Glad to see our EDAC committee has some marketing collateral and is starting to attend conventions to entice developers and point of sale merchants to check out Norco. We must clean up our blighted areas, remove graffiti and ensure their first visit is a positive one.




Attended the LMD 2 meeting tonight with City staff and residents to listen and learn how the services were going to be affected since residents voted no to the assessment increase. I think through dialogue the residents and staff agreed to an acceptable level of service that fits in their budget for now.






2nd batch of yard signs arrived. Spent a few hours driving around town handing out signs that residents had signed up for.




Attended the RDA Successor meeting. Where the approval to of the Reportable Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) Period of Jan 1 2016- June 30 2016 was made of $3,741,042.




Turned in my mandated campaign filing form 460 to the City Clerk.




Attended the Concerned Citizens meeting at 6th street deli. Very casual meeting environment and a round table discussion on issues and possible solutions to help bring in revenue to Norco. There was discussion on Microa Breweries, locations and possibilities of tours. After that there was quite a few of other topics discussed and some questions & clarification.






Attended the candidate forum presented by RURAL at 6th street deli. Great turnout of residents that wanted to hear candidates answer their questions. Candidates were given a few minutes to talk about themselves and then random questions were drawn from a drum to ask each or all candidates. There were some great questions presented to candidates.






Drove around delivered more yard signs to residents.

Met with 2 business owners and issues they were having with the City permitting process. Happy to be able to tell them that the City has taken measures to try to resolve the issue but still working on it. 






Spent the morning with the assistance of my son walking the Southwest end of town meeting residents and hanging door hangers. What a great are of Norco. Seems to be forgotten since it so far away from old town but many of these residents are very current on city topics and issues. Pleasure meeting them and listening to their concerns. Had to call it a day when it reached 111 degrees and 5 hours was plenty.






Went out for a few hours to finish up handing out door hanger and meeting residents in the Southwest end of town. Lots of residents out enjoying their morning coffee, riding the trails before it got too hot. Absolutely great to have the chance to meet they face to face.



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