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Weekly Campaign Blog Oct 5-11th

Posted by [email protected] on October 12, 2015 at 9:55 AM


Thank you to all those that are following and supporting my candidacy for Norco City Council. Election Day is Nov 3rd. Note last day to register to vote or change address for this election is Oct 19th.






Visited with some homeowners to discuss some erosion issues on their property. Then spent time handing out yard signs to those that wanted to show their support.






8:00 am - 6:00 pm First day of the virtual meet and greet on the Preserving Norco Facebook page where residents have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers live. Some excellent questions asked.




Results of the straw poll taken at the NACC candidate forum released.


Jason Bemowski - 17%


Lisa Campbell - 29%


Lance Gregory - 48%


Robin Grundmeyer - 46%


Berwin Hanna - 23%


Herb Higgins - 21%


Ted Hoffman - 38%


You can also see the videos from the forum and hear each candidate’s stance on issues.




Later in the evening I had a NART training session at the Corydon Fire Station.






Very busy day. 8am I will be participated in the second day on the online live candidate forum with residents in the Norconian's Forum "Preserving Our Rural Lifestyle!" Facebook group. Quite a few great questions presented to me yesterday and I hope I was able to provide them with complete and informative answers. I really am enjoying the interaction and am grateful to those residents taking the time to engage me and find out exactly where I stand on issues that are important to them.

Meeting from 2-4 pm with City staff, Commissioners and a promoter to bring a new event to town. The hopes are to create more stimulus in town. The focus group will look at this event and vet it before allowing it to be added to the schedule.



Voting ballot came in the mail. Making my choices very soon




Also received a call yesterday from Lt Briddick regarding the parking issues at our local schools. He has had two meetings with the district now and they are looking at options. They will be meeting again next week on a possible solution that may not be a complete fix but may help. This is a difficult issue and will take some time to make a difference.


Returned to the answering questions with the virtual meet and greet forum until 4:00-6:00 pm.




Attended the City Council meeting.






Had three meetings today at City Hall with staff. Discussing Employee Benefits as well as Code of Ethics and policing policies then met with Patty Ireland about some events that will not be returning to Ingalls Park for 2016 and the impact on revenue. Also discussed other events that may be coming to replace them. I want the event center to be successful and break even or as close to even as possible.


Election ballot came in...Election Day is getting closer.






Spent time canvassing door to door and meeting with residents.






Spent the morning at the Norco Senior Center having breakfast and chatting with seniors. So nice to sit have breakfast and chat with some seniors this morning. Would love the chance to really spend more time but Bingo was getting ready to start and I don’t think I want to interrupt their game smile emoticon Please support our seniors and their programs.


Then sent the rest of the afternoon canvassing areas of Norco meeting with residents and going door to door,






Spent the morning canvassing door to door and meeting residents. Yes it was hot and I walked 9 miles but it was well worth it. Got to spend time listening to residents and their concerns. Also get a perspective of how bad our trails are in some areas. At times I was not sure if there was even a trail or not. We really have to help educate residents of their responsibility and enforce our code for maintenance to ensure all riders have safe trails to ride on.


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