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Weekly campaign blog Oct 12-18

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2015 at 9:40 AM



Extremely long day working, thankfully my business is very busy. Had a conversation with another candidate to get some questions answered and learn about her stance on issues. I urge residents to do the same with each candidate, get to know them and make an educated decision. Thankfully no City meetings this week.


Took the day off from campaigning to catch up on much needed maintenance and landscape maintenance around the house.


Spent 3 hours of canvassing door to door on the Northwest side of town today ....interesting area, very little animal keeping , no horse trails and some areas that have sidewalks. This town is extremely diverse when it comes to how its neighborhoods are designed.


Catching up on paperwork and family time. Went out and delivered some yard signs to supporters


Attended the meet and greet for a candidate at the Barretos home. Always good to listen to those that are running for the position and how they plan to handle the job, ideas and principals. I encourage each voter to take the time and talk with each and every candidate and learn for yourself who they are and what they are about.

I also had quite a long conversation with a resident and explained to him why I feel it is important to be able to listen to each and every resident in Norco. I may not always agree with them but the position of a City Council person is represent all Norconians and not just those they agree with. Every resident deserves to be listened to and heard. Council works for the residents of the town and should never forget that. 


Spent the morning canvassing the neighborhood behind the CRC. Meeting with residents face to face and discussing issues.

Wife and I attended the Leaps and Bounds Therapeutic Riding Annual Fall Festival and BBQ. What a great facility and program

that specializes in providing clinic based physical therapy services and hippo therapy services to children ages birth to 21 years old!

Spent the rest of the evening celebrating a dear friends 50th Bday. What a day.


Will spend the morning canvassing door to door and

Later on will be attending what is probably the final Candidate forum being presented by Amy Pierceall at the Lions Club in her efforts to reach out to young voters and young families and help them understand how important their role is in selecting the best candidates to represent their interests and help our one of a kind city move forward in ways that our voting residents wish to see.


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