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Final week of campaign

Posted by [email protected] on October 26, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Had a very busy weekend and even busier week ahead. As you can see even on the weekends issues and concerns from residents need to be addressed. From road repairs, graffiti to safety. My wife and I did our best to support the local groups and businesses over the weekend by attending their events. On Sunday we had to catch up on some yard work but when then attended the Saddle and Harness show at Ingalls , the Pink Out Bowl (Norco JAAF moms football game against Corona JAAF moms) at Norco High and then to the Flair competition at the Water Wheel. So this is the last week of campaigning and I have been going at it hard for 90 plus days and will not let up this week. Starting my week off by meeting up with a Riverside City Councilman to discuss the La Sierra development and find out exactly what is being proposed this time. Also I have a personal goal to visit at least 1000 homes before next Monday. Yes, many have already voted by mail but stats show there are still quite a few that go to the polls to cast their votes. I will do my best to try to convince them I am the right guy for the job, ask for their consideration and vote. Novemeber 3rd is election day, please take the time to vote. Your vote counts.

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