Lance Gregory

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Elect Lance Gregory to Norco City Council 2015

Lance Gregory,

     I have been very involved with the Community and City through volunteering with local groups, Committees, as a Commissioner on Street Trails and Utility Commission since 2010, NART (Norco Animal Rescue Team and through social media with News For Norco facebook information page as well as the Norconian's Helping Norconian's volunteer group. 

I have decided after dedicating the last 6 years to learning the Cities dynamics and needs to run for Norco City Council in the November 2015 election. So doing what I'm known best for, I'm ready to step up and take the reins to make a difference....the journey begins.

                                                                                                                                                                   Ensuring Animal Keeping Rights as well as Property Owner Rights are protected are a major priority for me. Norco "Horsetown USA" is an animal keeping community as well as a community of large lots that can and should be used for outdoor recreational activity as per Norco's City Charter.

I believe we must do a better job at enforcing our current laws and ordinances before amending or adding new laws and ordinances.

I will champion fiscal responsibility and performance accountability of Staff and Vendors. I'll strive to make cuts where we can and become more financially stable. 

I believe we need to raise the bar on financial scrutiny with a common sense approach before approving any project, if we cannot afford it than it must not be approved until proper funding is in place. No special earmark projects that the City simply cannot afford. We must work on decreasing our overall debt. 

I am devoted and committed to the City of Norco and it's unique lifestyle. I understand the lack of property tax revenue due to our large lots and the impact on our infrastructure fund needs. Norco has a serious infrastructure issue and even bigger issue funding it. Every possible solution must be considered. To make Norco the destination point that previous and current City Council have been striving for we must fix our streets and enforce the laws to make Norco more welcoming for visitors and residents. 

Norco relies heavily on sales tax. We must work on generating more revenue by promoting, attracting and welcoming development without selling out our town for one time fees but welcoming projects that make sense.With that, visitors should have more accommodations to stay, shop, eat and spend their time and money in Norco. 

I look forward to working with other Council member's, Commissioner's, Committee's, Staff and resident's on updating the "Strategic Plan" to capture tourism revenue from the Silverlakes Center as well as those that from events at George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center. 

I understand the concept the Golden Triangle phrase but am concerned that it ignores and alienates our major areas of commerce and revenue. We made the mistake in the past relying heavily on the sales tax from the Auto Mall and must not let history repeat itself and seek more large Point of Purchase merchants to Norco. 

We must address and combat vandalism, mail theft, traffic enforcement and ensure public safety and these must be addressed.

We are all Norconian's and should welcome new residents and encourage their involvement and ideas. 

With revenues at approximately  $16,458,809 million dollars, expenses at $16,457,130 million dollars and a balance in the General Fund of $6.9 million dollars City Staff and current City Council have worked and have succeeded in balancing the budget but we are not out of the woods financially yet,  The majority of increases in the budget are due to Fire and Police contract rate hikes as well as CALPERS / PEPRA health care benefits and retirement benefits and those need to be addressed.

When elected I will listen, work and make decisions that just make sense.

I sincerely hope to earn your trust, confidence and vote in the upcoming November election for Norco City Council 2015.

 Thank you for your consideration.

Lance Gregory

you can contact me at 714.856.2925 or email: [email protected]

You can also visit Lance's Committee page on Facebook.  

Committee to Elect Lance Gregory for Norco City Council 2015


FPPC# 1377707

Some of the issues I feel need to be addressed are:                                           * Build public confidence in leadership and the governing process
(Trust, Transparency, Education)
* Responsible spending
(Be more fiscally responsible, no frivolous spending)                                   * Protecting Rights
(Animal Keeping as well as Property Owners rights)                                        * Work to find solutions for funding shortfalls
(Infrastructure needs, Senior programs and Public Safety)
* Address Code Enforcement issues and processes
(Cite, Support and Enforce)
* Work on attracting more diverse businesses and Point of Sale
(Seek developers and merchants to generate revenue)
* Address permit process and business licensing
(become more business friendly and staff accountability)
* Work on attracting and welcoming young families
(Housing and facilities)
* Utilize  Norco's  natural resources
(seek promoters and alternative events)
* Work with Fire and Police
(address public safety issues, vandalism and theft)
* Promote and Market Norco
(more tourism and more for tourist to do in Norco)
* Work on protecting Norco's history and historic sites.
(Protect Norco's rich history and promote it)
* Partner with our surrounding cities and local agencies
(water conservation, water sales, and searching for renewal energy solutions, transportation, etc)
*Term limits and benefits
(Council term limits and / or no lifetime benefits)