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Where mistakes happen.

Posted by [email protected] on October 29, 2015 at 8:05 PM

Last night I attended the Planning Commission meeting and listened to Staff, Commissioners, Residents from Norco and Corona and a few representatives for the City of Norco on two development projects here in Norco. I am for development and understand the needs to generate revenue in Norco and happy to see projects finally coming forward. My concern is that the Streets Trails and Utility Commission was skipped over and this is the reason I was given by Director Steve King "The reason the two projects didn’t go to STUC was that the project developers have to improve the streets (and trails) to the adopted standard designs and there is no discretion by anybody to change them. All of the remaining issues were Planning Commission issues so there was no thought in taking them to STUC since doing so just slows down the entitlement process down and fuels a perception that Norco is not business friendly" Now in my experience as a previous Commissioner other projects came before the Commission for input from the Commissioners and the projects were vetted before they went to Panning. So I stand behind my comment that by not sending this to each Commission before it gets to Council for approval presents the opportunity for mistakes or errors to happen, questionable activity and distrust. Last night it was also stated by Director King that there would be a right hand turn lane off of Hidden Valley to the Corona / Hidden Valley development. I questioned it last night and looked at it again this morning. I did not see how that could possibly happen without cutting into the existing horse trail...I sent an email to Director King this morning and this was his response "You are right I did mention a dedicated right turn lane off of Hidden Valley Parkway last night and in early meetings it was discussed as something to include. But after further analysis it was determined that because of the light that the dedicated lane would not be needed since the project is so small. It was my mistake last night."... I do not see how that traffic signal has anything to do with the right hand turning traffic and the argument of possible accidents due to downhill speeds is only 10 fold with the development there and no mitigation to allow safe right turns again I stand behind my comment to ensure public confidence and that we as City our doing our due diligence and letting our Commissions see these projects before sending them to Council is necessary.



Final week of campaign

Posted by [email protected] on October 26, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Had a very busy weekend and even busier week ahead. As you can see even on the weekends issues and concerns from residents need to be addressed. From road repairs, graffiti to safety. My wife and I did our best to support the local groups and businesses over the weekend by attending their events. On Sunday we had to catch up on some yard work but when then attended the Saddle and Harness show at Ingalls , the Pink Out Bowl (Norco JAAF moms football game against Corona JAAF moms) at Norco High and then to the Flair competition at the Water Wheel. So this is the last week of campaigning and I have been going at it hard for 90 plus days and will not let up this week. Starting my week off by meeting up with a Riverside City Councilman to discuss the La Sierra development and find out exactly what is being proposed this time. Also I have a personal goal to visit at least 1000 homes before next Monday. Yes, many have already voted by mail but stats show there are still quite a few that go to the polls to cast their votes. I will do my best to try to convince them I am the right guy for the job, ask for their consideration and vote. Novemeber 3rd is election day, please take the time to vote. Your vote counts.

Weekly campaign blog Oct 12-18

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2015 at 9:40 AM



Extremely long day working, thankfully my business is very busy. Had a conversation with another candidate to get some questions answered and learn about her stance on issues. I urge residents to do the same with each candidate, get to know them and make an educated decision. Thankfully no City meetings this week.


Took the day off from campaigning to catch up on much needed maintenance and landscape maintenance around the house.


Spent 3 hours of canvassing door to door on the Northwest side of town today ....interesting area, very little animal keeping , no horse trails and some areas that have sidewalks. This town is extremely diverse when it comes to how its neighborhoods are designed.


Catching up on paperwork and family time. Went out and delivered some yard signs to supporters


Attended the meet and greet for a candidate at the Barretos home. Always good to listen to those that are running for the position and how they plan to handle the job, ideas and principals. I encourage each voter to take the time and talk with each and every candidate and learn for yourself who they are and what they are about.

I also had quite a long conversation with a resident and explained to him why I feel it is important to be able to listen to each and every resident in Norco. I may not always agree with them but the position of a City Council person is represent all Norconians and not just those they agree with. Every resident deserves to be listened to and heard. Council works for the residents of the town and should never forget that. 


Spent the morning canvassing the neighborhood behind the CRC. Meeting with residents face to face and discussing issues.

Wife and I attended the Leaps and Bounds Therapeutic Riding Annual Fall Festival and BBQ. What a great facility and program

that specializes in providing clinic based physical therapy services and hippo therapy services to children ages birth to 21 years old!

Spent the rest of the evening celebrating a dear friends 50th Bday. What a day.


Will spend the morning canvassing door to door and

Later on will be attending what is probably the final Candidate forum being presented by Amy Pierceall at the Lions Club in her efforts to reach out to young voters and young families and help them understand how important their role is in selecting the best candidates to represent their interests and help our one of a kind city move forward in ways that our voting residents wish to see.


Door to Door versus mailer

Posted by [email protected] on October 15, 2015 at 10:15 AM

I was asked why I didn't do a mailer to Norco voters. The simple answer is I feel it is more important to get out there in person and canvass Norco, walk door to door and introduce myself to residents. That was they can look my in the eye as we talk. That way they get to see the man that is asking for their vote. That way they get an opportunity to express their concerns. That way they get to shake my hand and get my assurance that I want to work for them. That way they get to see how serious I am in my quest to get elected. I have now visited approximately 2800 homes in Norco and have more to visit before this election cycle is over. I have the time, motivation, energy, ideas and solutions. I am asking for your consideration and vote. Please take the time to vote, your vote counts.

Weekly Campaign Blog Oct 5-11th

Posted by [email protected] on October 12, 2015 at 9:55 AM


Thank you to all those that are following and supporting my candidacy for Norco City Council. Election Day is Nov 3rd. Note last day to register to vote or change address for this election is Oct 19th.






Visited with some homeowners to discuss some erosion issues on their property. Then spent time handing out yard signs to those that wanted to show their support.






8:00 am - 6:00 pm First day of the virtual meet and greet on the Preserving Norco Facebook page where residents have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers live. Some excellent questions asked.




Results of the straw poll taken at the NACC candidate forum released.


Jason Bemowski - 17%


Lisa Campbell - 29%


Lance Gregory - 48%


Robin Grundmeyer - 46%


Berwin Hanna - 23%


Herb Higgins - 21%


Ted Hoffman - 38%


You can also see the videos from the forum and hear each candidate’s stance on issues.




Later in the evening I had a NART training session at the Corydon Fire Station.






Very busy day. 8am I will be participated in the second day on the online live candidate forum with residents in the Norconian's Forum "Preserving Our Rural Lifestyle!" Facebook group. Quite a few great questions presented to me yesterday and I hope I was able to provide them with complete and informative answers. I really am enjoying the interaction and am grateful to those residents taking the time to engage me and find out exactly where I stand on issues that are important to them.

Meeting from 2-4 pm with City staff, Commissioners and a promoter to bring a new event to town. The hopes are to create more stimulus in town. The focus group will look at this event and vet it before allowing it to be added to the schedule.



Voting ballot came in the mail. Making my choices very soon




Also received a call yesterday from Lt Briddick regarding the parking issues at our local schools. He has had two meetings with the district now and they are looking at options. They will be meeting again next week on a possible solution that may not be a complete fix but may help. This is a difficult issue and will take some time to make a difference.


Returned to the answering questions with the virtual meet and greet forum until 4:00-6:00 pm.




Attended the City Council meeting.






Had three meetings today at City Hall with staff. Discussing Employee Benefits as well as Code of Ethics and policing policies then met with Patty Ireland about some events that will not be returning to Ingalls Park for 2016 and the impact on revenue. Also discussed other events that may be coming to replace them. I want the event center to be successful and break even or as close to even as possible.


Election ballot came in...Election Day is getting closer.






Spent time canvassing door to door and meeting with residents.






Spent the morning at the Norco Senior Center having breakfast and chatting with seniors. So nice to sit have breakfast and chat with some seniors this morning. Would love the chance to really spend more time but Bingo was getting ready to start and I don’t think I want to interrupt their game smile emoticon Please support our seniors and their programs.


Then sent the rest of the afternoon canvassing areas of Norco meeting with residents and going door to door,






Spent the morning canvassing door to door and meeting residents. Yes it was hot and I walked 9 miles but it was well worth it. Got to spend time listening to residents and their concerns. Also get a perspective of how bad our trails are in some areas. At times I was not sure if there was even a trail or not. We really have to help educate residents of their responsibility and enforce our code for maintenance to ensure all riders have safe trails to ride on.


Weekly campaign blog Sept 28- Oct 4th

Posted by [email protected] on October 4, 2015 at 11:40 AM




Had an endorsement interview with TIGAR (The Inland Gateway Empire Association of Realtors). Although I am not taking any donations or listing any endorsements I still obliged them and went through their interview process and happy to do so as a learning / sharing experience.


Met a few residents to discuss their building permit issues.


Then spent time delivering yard signs to supporters.






Took the day off from campaigning.






Spent the afternoon with my son at DMV and supporting him on getting his driver’s license.


Then went to City Hall for the Planning Commission meeting. I feel it is necessary to watch how our commissions work and have an understanding of the codes and how it is applied.






Attended the Norco Area Chamber of Commerce candidate forum. I felt it was very well organized and very thought out questions. Candidates were asked approx. 14 questions in a 2 hour time span on such issues as:


1. Business Retention and Growth in Norco


2. TOT tax and if candidates supported it


3, 15 fwy Fast track and impact on Norco


4. City of Norco business friendly or not


5. Measure L issue


6. Reclaimed water and impact on State water conservation mandate


7. What each Candidate secret service name would be (not a serious question but added humor and made candidates think and be creative)


8. Support for Norco's senior citizens


9. Support the opening or permanent closure of Corona Ave


10. Possible closure of the CRC (Prison)


11. If candidates would consider themselves as a role model


12. Retail district on Old Hamner and Hamner Ave (support it or not)


13. Traffic issues at our local schools


14. Project or Cause that is close to each candidate’s heart




I really felt good after this forum and the amount of feedback I received form residents. I will post the link to the video once it is released so you can see how each candidate answered each question. A stra poll was also taken but results have not been released yet.






Took the day off and went to Palm Springs to spend time with my family.






Spent the day walking the neighborhood behind the Navy Base meeting residents.






Raining off and on but still going to try and get out to meet residents.


Weekly Campaign Blog Sept 21-27

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2015 at 10:50 AM



Took the day off from campaigning






Attended EDAC meeting this morning. Public Comments: I presented some information and ideas on small business development. Committee presented some updates: Subcommittees: * Silverlakes opening update and 2 weekends of events and future schedule of events * Possible upcoming events at George Ingalls Reports or Recent activity: * 6th Street Gateway sign update and discussion on graffiti (possibly be functional in 2 weeks), advertising rates and opportunities * Hamner and 6th Gateway development discussion on marketing and promoting, * Navy technology holding a Technology rodeo in Corona and committee wants to work with them on holding the event in Norco Discussion: * Update on ICSC convention and marketing materials * Silverlakes business stimulus update and survey to send to local businesses for feedback.


I am a firm believer that in order to increase revenue in our City we must bring in more businesses. We need to capture the tourism dollars from the nearby Silver lakes. Glad to see our EDAC committee has some marketing collateral and is starting to attend conventions to entice developers and point of sale merchants to check out Norco. We must clean up our blighted areas, remove graffiti and ensure their first visit is a positive one.




Attended the LMD 2 meeting tonight with City staff and residents to listen and learn how the services were going to be affected since residents voted no to the assessment increase. I think through dialogue the residents and staff agreed to an acceptable level of service that fits in their budget for now.






2nd batch of yard signs arrived. Spent a few hours driving around town handing out signs that residents had signed up for.




Attended the RDA Successor meeting. Where the approval to of the Reportable Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) Period of Jan 1 2016- June 30 2016 was made of $3,741,042.




Turned in my mandated campaign filing form 460 to the City Clerk.




Attended the Concerned Citizens meeting at 6th street deli. Very casual meeting environment and a round table discussion on issues and possible solutions to help bring in revenue to Norco. There was discussion on Microa Breweries, locations and possibilities of tours. After that there was quite a few of other topics discussed and some questions & clarification.






Attended the candidate forum presented by RURAL at 6th street deli. Great turnout of residents that wanted to hear candidates answer their questions. Candidates were given a few minutes to talk about themselves and then random questions were drawn from a drum to ask each or all candidates. There were some great questions presented to candidates.






Drove around delivered more yard signs to residents.

Met with 2 business owners and issues they were having with the City permitting process. Happy to be able to tell them that the City has taken measures to try to resolve the issue but still working on it. 






Spent the morning with the assistance of my son walking the Southwest end of town meeting residents and hanging door hangers. What a great are of Norco. Seems to be forgotten since it so far away from old town but many of these residents are very current on city topics and issues. Pleasure meeting them and listening to their concerns. Had to call it a day when it reached 111 degrees and 5 hours was plenty.






Went out for a few hours to finish up handing out door hanger and meeting residents in the Southwest end of town. Lots of residents out enjoying their morning coffee, riding the trails before it got too hot. Absolutely great to have the chance to meet they face to face.



Weekly Campaign blog Sept 13-20

Posted by [email protected] on September 20, 2015 at 7:05 PM





Spent the morning campaigning on the West side of town in the bluffs. Met with a lot of residents and listened to their concerns of losing the trails behind their homes due to encroachments. That has to be corrected. I will be working with City Staff on retaking the trails back to allow proper circulation for riders.




Monday --


Met with Public Works to go over trail issues, get a better understanding how staff works, check out the maintenance yard and equipment and go over so preventive measures as we head into an El Nino year.






Took the day off to attend a funeral of a dear family friend James Hayes. Jim was a mentor to many including myself. Every time I ran across him we would get into to politics with me and try to convince me to run for City Council. Well I am running and I will do my best to win for Jim and make him proud.






Attended the City Council meeting. It was really sad to hear the stories told by residents of flooding and mudslides into their properties as well as their homes. I am glad to see the City taking the situation seriously and installing temporary mitigation measures to help residents deal with the El Nino storms. There will also be future discussion on how to deal with the speeding issues on Crestview.


The City Council rejected all bids for the water reservoir project. Unfortunately the correct process for bidding the job was not followed and the City received to petition letters from Contractors. I spoke on the topic as this is the 3rd issue with contracts with public works that have been reportedly done incorrectly and each time they send it out for a rebid it is costing taxpayers more money. I hope they really look at their procedures and processes for bidding and awarding contracts.






Participated in the TIGAR (The Inland Empire Gateway Association of Realtors) candidate forum. 4- of the 7 candidates showed up for the forum. I thought it went very well. Videos can be found on my candidate facebook page.


Later that evening participated in the NHA (Norco Horsemans Association) candidate forum. All 7 candidates participated but to due to the format I was unable to hear what the other candidates had to say on issues. I felt I did very well and was very happy with the questions presented to the candidates.




Took the day off form campaigning and spent time with the family.




Held my meet and greet at our home. My wife Tina really put together a good spread for visitors. Was very happy to have so many new faces as well as some longtime residents come together, ask questions and express their concerns. Very grateful for the support.






Spent the morning on the Northeast end of town. Met quite a few residents and listened to their concerns. Shared my thoughts and ideas. Many are concerned as to changes will happen if there are not enough Councilmembers that will work together to make the corrections. This is where it becomes very important for residents to really listen and ask questions and figure out who the right candidates are and what ideas they have or don't have to fix things.


The wife and I headed over to St Mel’s Church in Norco for their Small World Fair. I volunteered to sit in the dunk tank to raise funds for a good cause. Councilman Bash and I had some competitive fun trying to dunk one another. Very happy to participate.


Weekly Blog Sept 6-12

Posted by [email protected] on September 13, 2015 at 6:25 PM






Day 4 of the rodeo was still a very good turnout. Had quite a few residents come by and talk and share experiences, ask me questions and express their support. Had some advice from a very well respected longtime resident and it really got the gears in my head turning as to some other possible solutions for economic development? We have so many intelligent residents and that knowledge / experience needs to utilize. I will not be in the parade this morning but will be at the fair all day today so please come by my booth. I support the parade committee but I felt it was better to be at my booth, meet residents face to face and answer their questions.








What an amazing 5 day experience as I can only explain as a 5 day job interview with 100's of potential employers asking questions. I was blown away by the number of residents that actually took the time to stop at my booth during the festivities to chat with me. I learned quite a bit of history from residents that have been in Norco 50 plus years and were involved in the creation of "Horsetown USA". They explained the challenges and battles that were fought to keep Norco rural and animal friendly. I was asked my thoughts on a few topics that I did not have enough knowledge about to provide an educated answer and will now have to do some research on. I was sadden by some residents stating they are so frustrated they are ready to move. I was pleased to hear from others and their stories of how Norco's small town charm drew them to move here. Listened to others and the challenges they face with our youth sports and lack of activities for Norco's children. As I told residents over and over through the 5 days "I will not make you any false campaign promises just to get elected but I will assure you I will do everything in my power to address issues and work towards solutions". I shared my ideas and goal with them and asked them to also share theirs. After 4 days of being at the rodeo all night I did not make into the parade but I was available all day Monday for residents at the Rodeo and had the opportunity to meet with them and their families. I look forward to the next 57 days of campaigning and meeting more residents. Thank you all.








Took the day off to recover and spend time with my family.








Had a meeting with local Keller Williams Realtors at the Norco office. Listened to their sales meeting and Team Leader and CEO Brian Philip allowed to have 15 minutes to share my knowledge and goals when elected to City Council with his agents. I received a great deal of feedback from the agents that the information I shared with them was very valuable as many had no idea what was going on in Norco. I would like to see more information is...brochures that explain the life of an equestrian community and its restrictions as the agents are the meet and greet people with prospective buyers.








Decided to pound the pavement and visit the Crestview area. Walked the entire hill are and got to see firsthand the impacts of the mud slides and what is being done to mitigate it for the upcoming El Nino rain season. Met with many residents and got to hear their stories. I encouraged them to attend the next City Council meeting and express their concerns on Sept 16th.








Attended the 911 remembrance "Patriot Day" and Norco Hillside Fire Station. Very humbling event and watched the monitor as it scrolled the 2700 names of the victims of that tragic day 14 years ago. I really appreciate Council and staff working with Cal Fire and Norco Sheriffs to put it together.





Posted my business development plan online. This is one of many ideas and I am sure working with other Council members, staff and committees we can think of many more ways to being in the much needed revenue to Norco.








Spent the morning waling the rest of Crestview and getting and true picture of how dangerous that street can really be. Then went over and walked the streets next to Ingalls Park and met with residents there. You truly have no idea how unique Norco is until you spend time on each and every street in Norco. I still have a long ways to go but I am truly loving getting out an experiencing it on foot.





Business Development Plan

Posted by [email protected] on September 12, 2015 at 3:15 PM

Over the weekend at the Norco Fair I was asked to be more specific on my plan to seek development along our business corridor.