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Weekly Blog Aug 2 - 8

Posted by [email protected] on August 9, 2015 at 9:15 AM




Spent Sunday canvasing Norco and speaking with residents in LMD 4 about their issues, concerns and ideas. I shared with my my goals and intentions with them. Went around and handed out some campaign yard signs, I am grateful for the support by residents. You should be seeing them around town by now.






Attended the Streets Trails and Utilities Commission meeting on Monday. Two new commissioners sworn in and very grateful to see them step up and help make a difference. Some good discussion on trail maintenance, Adopt A Trail program and other issues regarding Norco's trail system. Looking forward to more discussion on the Adopt A Trail program.






Had NART training on Tuesday. Excellent night of training and no discussion about the campaign or candidates even though three of us work together on the team. Glad to see the focus on training only.






Attended City Council meeting Wednesday night. . City Council had a another full Agenda and I did not feel the need to speak on every issue. Was great to see Highland elementary teacher Melanie Oliver receive a proclamation for her acheivement as Teacher of the Year.                      

As Council addressed items on the consent calaendar I did addressed our Permitting and Inspection process and contracts with Willdan and RKA. Our permitting, inspection and plan checking system is broken and needs to be corrected.


Approval was given to pay the contractor J&S striping $26,000 over what was budget for the striping work they did. Mistake by Staff for not keeping track and knowing how much was being charged until the end of the job. This mistake will be paid for by residents and staff should be held accountable as well as valuable lesson learned as "this is how we have always done it" is not acceptable. Was interesting to watch the Prop 218 hearing for LMD 2 and listen to the residents in that LMD express their concerns. The increase in their LMD fess from $600 to $1000 was voted down. Will be interesting to see what services are cut and how the City handles the deficit that has been picked up in the past by the General Fund.


Waste Mgmt contract  CIP increase of 1.3%  as per the contract was approved although several Council members agreed that Waste Mgmt has not presented a solution that fits Norco's needs for maunure to energy. If Viramontes closes and Norco has not come up with a solution to deal with its manure the hauling of the manure to a further location could make it cost prohibitive for those wishing to own horses.


Council had some discussion on the Cities General Fee schedule which led into discussion of annual inspections of those with CUP's (conditional use permits) and how the inspections are or are not done. Right now a letter is sent to homeowner and the honor system is used...sure we all know that will work...unfortunately staff said they do not have time to go inspect these properties in person. This also has to change, another reason why the system gets abused.






Spent the later part of Thursday afternoon canvasing and meeting with residents discussing issues with trails, fireworks and LMD contracts also delivered more yard signs to residents. 






Wife and I had dinner with Norco friends and got to hear lots of interesting Norco stories and ideas for the future. Did more research on Econoomc Developement and ideas to generate revenue in the City that do nto include taxation. 






Saturday morning met up with our volunteer group Norconian's helong Norconian's and did a clean up on a 2.5 acre parcel of a long time Norconian senior citizen's property. It's a blessing to have land but as we get older it gets harder and harder to maintain. I am grateful for the volunteers of Norco and the ability to reach out and help our Seniors have a better quality of life.                                                                                       Later on in the evening my wife and I took our dogs to the American Cancer Society Bark for Life at Pikes Peak. What a great event and glad to see such a good turnout.

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