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Weekly Blog August 9-15

Posted by [email protected] on August 14, 2015 at 8:30 PM


Sunday--Started the morning off taking the wife to the airport at 4 am for her trip to Florida. Then spent the day hoofing it through the LMD 2 neighborhood, hanging door hangers and meeting residents. Got to take a good look at the trail and landscaping in that area since they just went through a Prop 218 hearing for an assessment increase and the residents voted it down. Will be interesting to see what services the City decide to cut to bring the LMD into budget. Later on I delivered some yard signs to residents.




Monday-- Spent the entire day working at home and catching up on my to do list. Things can get away from you if you let them.


Tuesday--Spent the early part of the Day going through the South side of LMD 4 hanging door hangers and meeting with residents. It's good to be able to walk every single street and trail and really get an idea of the level of service that Valley Crest is providing. Had several discussions with residents on issues with our Building Dept as well as the fee's residents are paying and what they are getting for that service. Several felt the residents’ concerns are not being addressed or that their input is even wanted if they do not own a horse. Sad to hear that as our leadership is there to represent everyone. I gave out some contact information and offered to lend a hand on any issues I could help with. Several requested yard signs which I was happy to oblige. Later that afternoon met up with my NART (Norco Animal Rescue Team) in Eastvale for the National Night Out and we setup a display with our practice horse as well as and information booth. It was very well received by all. Well done team, way to represent Norco.




Wednesday--Met with several residents of LMD 2 and listened to their concerns and shared information with them, great to see residents wanting to get involved and asking questions. Delivered some yard signs to supporters. Then I attended the Planning Commission meeting that evening. Want to keep up on how the Commission is addressing accessory bldgs., unmanned wireless telecommunication towers, Zone code amendment to allow Animal Keeping in R-1 (residential single family homes) that originally were not zoned for animal keeping. Recommendations are being sent to Council for their consideration.




Thursday--Was hearing some grumbling about a name change being proposed at the CNSUD (Corona Norco Unified School District) so I looked it up and found there were several exploratory / informational meetings later in the afternoon. I decided to go hear about this myself and was the only resident in attendance. That was still ok I got to ask all the questions I had and came back home to encourage others to attend the meetings and share the information I was provided. Our kids’ education are top priority and those having the tools they need to be successful come before any name change. I encourage others to provide input to the CNSUD and let them know how you feel. Decision will be made next month.






Friday-- Walked some more of LMD 4 and checked out some trail complaints by residents on their drainage. I notified the City and will be going out with staff on Monday morning to go over these issues in person. Was able to catch up with emails from residents and welcome my wife home from her long trip. Little time to relax and stay out of the heat.




Saturday--Will be hitting the streets and meeting with residents....keep an eye out I may be visiting your neighborhood.


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