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Weekly blog Aug 30- Sept 5th

Posted by [email protected] on September 5, 2015 at 2:35 PM




Took the day off from campaigning and caught up on some yard work and spent time with the family.








Met with a few business along 6th street about some issues they were having in town.


Did a tour of the WRCRA treatment plant and learned about the treatment process as well as the $72 million dollar expansion project going on. All spent time discussing the recycled water status with Jeffery Sims, Asst. General Mgr. / COO of the WMWD. I am working on getting him to attend a Norco Town Hall meeting and give residents an update as well.


Delivered more yard signs.






Went out and visited a few hundred homes off Corona Ave. Was great meeting some that had just moved into Norco and getting their feedback. Amazing how many residents are actually around in the morning during the week.


Met with the Norco Sheriffs Dept to discuss our homeless / panhandling issues and possible solutions. Also discussed the parking issues at Norco schools during drop off and pick up times. CNUSD, school principals and Sheriffs Dept are looking at how to remedy the problem which seems to stem from no school busing of the children to the schools.


Then met with Director Petree to discuss some LMD maintenance issues.






Was able to go to the fairgrounds around 2 pm and setup my campaign booth for the Norco Fair? Then attended City Council meeting, rather short meeting but interesting. Residents showed up to express their concerns about the upcoming El Nino rains and the flooding around Crestview. I am glad the City is taking this serious and this should have been addressed months ago in my opinion after the City met with the County about the issue. Hopefully proactive measures will keep the residents safe.






Follow up meeting with business owner on 6th street about their issues with the City


Opening night of the Norco Fair. Response at the booth was great. Opening ceremonies were a lot of fun and great to see the kids having a good time.






Delivered yard signs and hang some banners along 6th street


Day 2 of the Norco Fair. Extremely grateful for the amount of support and feedback I received from residents. I hope by meeting me in person and having them ask me the questions that matter the most assures them I am the right guy for the job.


Had some family friends come in and support my campaign by lettering their riding lawn mowers and racing. I am blessed to have such good friends.


One resident really stood out amongst the others during my night. Little boy about 8 years old. He was walking with his mom and passed by my booth as I was talking to some other residents. He kept eyeballing me and I could tell he wanted to come talk to me. I excused myself from the other residents and walked towards him as his mom encouraged him to come talk to me. He put his hand out to shake mine and said "please keep our horses", I smiled and assured him I would do by best by saying "you bet little buddy". He smiled and walked back to his mom. I love the passion of the kids and residents of Norco.






 Did yard work and getting ready for the day 3 of the Norco Fair- what an evening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Well over 100 residents visited my booth and took the time to ask questions, share their concerns and sign up for yard signs. Several actually had some very specific questions on how I was planning on handling permitting process, ADA compliance, Economic Development, Code Enforcement , Point of Sale merchants and  infrastructure funding. I felt I was only able to not answer two questions thoroughly but am doing research on the topics and will get back to them with an answer. Met many longtime residents as well as some that have only been in Norco a few months. Looking forward to two more days at the Rodeo and meeting more residents. I am grateful that so many are taking the time to stop and talk. Thank you. 


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