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Weekly Blog Sept 6-12

Posted by l[email protected] on September 13, 2015 at 6:25 PM






Day 4 of the rodeo was still a very good turnout. Had quite a few residents come by and talk and share experiences, ask me questions and express their support. Had some advice from a very well respected longtime resident and it really got the gears in my head turning as to some other possible solutions for economic development? We have so many intelligent residents and that knowledge / experience needs to utilize. I will not be in the parade this morning but will be at the fair all day today so please come by my booth. I support the parade committee but I felt it was better to be at my booth, meet residents face to face and answer their questions.








What an amazing 5 day experience as I can only explain as a 5 day job interview with 100's of potential employers asking questions. I was blown away by the number of residents that actually took the time to stop at my booth during the festivities to chat with me. I learned quite a bit of history from residents that have been in Norco 50 plus years and were involved in the creation of "Horsetown USA". They explained the challenges and battles that were fought to keep Norco rural and animal friendly. I was asked my thoughts on a few topics that I did not have enough knowledge about to provide an educated answer and will now have to do some research on. I was sadden by some residents stating they are so frustrated they are ready to move. I was pleased to hear from others and their stories of how Norco's small town charm drew them to move here. Listened to others and the challenges they face with our youth sports and lack of activities for Norco's children. As I told residents over and over through the 5 days "I will not make you any false campaign promises just to get elected but I will assure you I will do everything in my power to address issues and work towards solutions". I shared my ideas and goal with them and asked them to also share theirs. After 4 days of being at the rodeo all night I did not make into the parade but I was available all day Monday for residents at the Rodeo and had the opportunity to meet with them and their families. I look forward to the next 57 days of campaigning and meeting more residents. Thank you all.








Took the day off to recover and spend time with my family.








Had a meeting with local Keller Williams Realtors at the Norco office. Listened to their sales meeting and Team Leader and CEO Brian Philip allowed to have 15 minutes to share my knowledge and goals when elected to City Council with his agents. I received a great deal of feedback from the agents that the information I shared with them was very valuable as many had no idea what was going on in Norco. I would like to see more information is...brochures that explain the life of an equestrian community and its restrictions as the agents are the meet and greet people with prospective buyers.








Decided to pound the pavement and visit the Crestview area. Walked the entire hill are and got to see firsthand the impacts of the mud slides and what is being done to mitigate it for the upcoming El Nino rain season. Met with many residents and got to hear their stories. I encouraged them to attend the next City Council meeting and express their concerns on Sept 16th.








Attended the 911 remembrance "Patriot Day" and Norco Hillside Fire Station. Very humbling event and watched the monitor as it scrolled the 2700 names of the victims of that tragic day 14 years ago. I really appreciate Council and staff working with Cal Fire and Norco Sheriffs to put it together.





Posted my business development plan online. This is one of many ideas and I am sure working with other Council members, staff and committees we can think of many more ways to being in the much needed revenue to Norco.








Spent the morning waling the rest of Crestview and getting and true picture of how dangerous that street can really be. Then went over and walked the streets next to Ingalls Park and met with residents there. You truly have no idea how unique Norco is until you spend time on each and every street in Norco. I still have a long ways to go but I am truly loving getting out an experiencing it on foot.





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