Lance Gregory

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Where mistakes happen.

Posted by [email protected] on October 29, 2015 at 8:05 PM

Last night I attended the Planning Commission meeting and listened to Staff, Commissioners, Residents from Norco and Corona and a few representatives for the City of Norco on two development projects here in Norco. I am for development and understand the needs to generate revenue in Norco and happy to see projects finally coming forward. My concern is that the Streets Trails and Utility Commission was skipped over and this is the reason I was given by Director Steve King "The reason the two projects didn’t go to STUC was that the project developers have to improve the streets (and trails) to the adopted standard designs and there is no discretion by anybody to change them. All of the remaining issues were Planning Commission issues so there was no thought in taking them to STUC since doing so just slows down the entitlement process down and fuels a perception that Norco is not business friendly" Now in my experience as a previous Commissioner other projects came before the Commission for input from the Commissioners and the projects were vetted before they went to Panning. So I stand behind my comment that by not sending this to each Commission before it gets to Council for approval presents the opportunity for mistakes or errors to happen, questionable activity and distrust. Last night it was also stated by Director King that there would be a right hand turn lane off of Hidden Valley to the Corona / Hidden Valley development. I questioned it last night and looked at it again this morning. I did not see how that could possibly happen without cutting into the existing horse trail...I sent an email to Director King this morning and this was his response "You are right I did mention a dedicated right turn lane off of Hidden Valley Parkway last night and in early meetings it was discussed as something to include. But after further analysis it was determined that because of the light that the dedicated lane would not be needed since the project is so small. It was my mistake last night."... I do not see how that traffic signal has anything to do with the right hand turning traffic and the argument of possible accidents due to downhill speeds is only 10 fold with the development there and no mitigation to allow safe right turns again I stand behind my comment to ensure public confidence and that we as City our doing our due diligence and letting our Commissions see these projects before sending them to Council is necessary.



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